29 October 2007

Gospel Sanctification 6 - Objections Stated

The following is an objection I received to some of the tenents of 'Gospel Sanctification' that I've been espousing. Although I disagree with these objections they are well stated, come from a sincere brother, and represent the very issues I personally struggled with for some time. So here it is as I received it:

- - - -

Hi Shane,

I'm thankful that the Lord has given us many powerful motives
in the form of doctrinal truths (indicatives) as reasons why we should obey

However, would you agree that the Bible uses an indicative to motivate
only some imperatives? But, other imperatives are given with no motives, just
sheer duty?

Do you believe it's OK to obey God out of duty, with no conscious
motive? (No, that's not "Phariseeism" or "legalism." Christ rebuked the
Pharisees for obeying from sinful motives, not NO motives.)

Can I suggest that much if not most of our obedience is without conscious motives? Every day we obey our Lord from disciplined habits of godliness. And, you know what? That's not a sin.

Sure, I prefer to stop and think about why I should obey. But, we often don't have time to think. And, God accepts our obedience in Christ, whether from conscious motives or no motives.

- - - -

I'll give my response to these challenges over my next few posts.

Yours in Christ-



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