07 July 2006

Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday:  Fueling Your Passion to Treasure Christ by Providing Grace-saturated Audio Sermons

"As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God?" (Psalm 42:1-2 ESV)


The Peril of Partiality:  Riches and Race in the Christian Church

by John Piper

"For 250 years the [African] captives endured an assault on their culture and their dignity. The spirit of Africans in America did not break. Yet the spirit of their captors was corrupted. Small men took on the powers and airs of tyrants and masters. Years of unpunished brutality and bullying and rape produced a dullness and hardness of conscience. Christian men and woman became blind to the clearest commands of their faith, and added hypocrisy to injustice. A republic founded on equality for all became a prison for millions. And yet in the words of the African proverb, No fist is big enough to hide the sky. All the generations of oppression under the laws of man could not crush the hope of freedom and defeat the purposes of God.

"In America enslaved Africans learned the story of the Exodus from Egyptand set their own hearts on a promised land of freedom. Enslaved Africans discovered a suffering Savior and found he was more like themselves than their masters. Enslaved Africans heard the ringing promises of the Declaration of Independenceand asked the self-evident question, Then why not me? . . .

The evils of slavery were accepted and unchanged for centuries. Yet, eventually, the human heart would not abide them. There is a voice of conscience and hope in every man and woman that will not be silencedwhat Martin Luther King called a certain kind of fire that no water could put out. That flame would not be extinguished at the Birmingham jail. . . . It was seen in the darkness here at Goree Island , where no chain could bind the soul. This untamed fire of justice continues to burn in the affairs of man, and it lights the way before us.

One of the sad things about this Martin Luther King weekend is that many people-mainly white people-will not mark or celebrate racial justice or the advance of civil rights on this weekend because it is named for Martin Luther King, just like there are many people-mainly black people-who would not listen to that powerful speech if they knew it was spoken by George W. Bush."

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  • Thanks Bro! But it's Friday here!

    ; )

    By Blogger Shane Becker, At 2:48 pm  

  • Then we'll have to think of something that starts with an "F" for Friday. Famished Friday? hehe

    By Blogger K. Elijah Layfield, At 2:20 am  

  • Haven't you heard of leftovers, Shane? Sometimes the meal is so wonderful and so abundant that you can feast on it for days - all through the week! :-)

    By Blogger Murray, At 3:22 pm  

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