18 July 2006

I Don't Believe that Anyone can Believe in a Non-Belief System!

by Chris Carmichael.

At a community college graduation ceremony I attended in May, I was taken aback by a piece of advice that the commencement speaker gave to the graduates near the end of his speech. He declared with all sincerity, “When you lay in bed at night, don’t forget to thank God, or your Higher Power, or your non-belief system for all the blessings in your life.”

Yes, boys and girls, welcome to the new age of enlightenment where even atheists must not be excluded from bedtime prayer.

In fairness it should be noted that this particular commencement speaker is a director for a non-profit human rights organization that promotes inclusion and diversity, and thus he has developed an expanded consciousness that makes him much more sensitive to all points of view. That's why he can make a profoundly stupid statement like, "Thank your non-belief system for your life's blessings," and make it sound so culturally relevant and globally responsible. Isn't that nice of him?

I’m sure there must have been a few bright-eyed, fresh-faced atheists among the graduating class who were initially charmed by the speaker‘s feel-good advice, but then when they tried to put it into practice, they suddenly became as horrified as Isaac Watts at a Dove Awards ceremony. I can hear their train of thought now: “Thank you, Non-Belief System, for blessing me with… hey, wait a minute! What am I DOING?! If I give thanks to an entity outside myself, then I’m creating belief in another power, which is like God, and I don’t believe in God, so who am I really thanking? Hoo, boy, you almost had me there, you sly dog!"

Good grief, even an atheist with a community college education could smell a rat. . . .


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