18 June 2006

Some Articles Regarding Family Integrated Ministry (2)

The previous articles link didn't work properly for some, so here are the links regarding Family Integrated Ministry.
Also, I heartily agree with Elijah, the sermon linked to the previous post is worth listening to!

"Hear, my son, your father's instruction And do not forsake your mother's teaching" - Pro 1:8
How are people best lead into maturity? By being placed into peer oriented groups (Youth Group, Singles Ministry, College Group, Empty Nesters...etc)?

The biblical family is a Scripturally ordered household of parents, children, and sometimes others (such as singles, widows, divorcees, or grandparents), forming the God-ordained building blocks of the church (2 Tim. 4:19). Therefore we ought to reject the church's implementation of modern individualism by fragmenting the family through age-graded, peer-oriented, and special-interest classes, that prevents rather than promotes family unity. 

If the elders desire to find the best way to build up the youth of the church then let them find ways to build up and strengthen the families. 

Solo Christo's Reformation Statement

  1. The Family: Together in God's Presence ~ John and Noel Piper
  2. Developing a Multi-Generational Vision ~ Eric Wallace

  3. Examining The Youth Ministry ~ Mark LaVoie

  4. "The Family-like Nature of the Church" Back to the Drawing Board: The Church Is an Extended Household ~ Eric Wallace

  5. "The How and Why of Age-Integrated Teaching" Implementing a Household Approach ~ Eric Wallace

  6. Confession of the National Center for Family Integrated Churches

  7. A Book Review of Chris Schlect's "A Critique of Modern Youth Ministry" ~ Mike McHugh

  8. Adult - Centered Youth Ministry ~ David Alan Black 

  9. Family Based Youth Ministry ~ Steve Haymond

  10. The Age-Integrated Church ~ Brandon Dauphinais (age 16)



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