07 June 2006

Church, Ex-member Go to Court over Church Discipline

"Watermark, a fast-growing nondenominational church in northeast Dallas, says the case involves accusations of adultery, a wife who wanted to save her marriage, a husband who sat on a board of a national Christian organization, and another woman who works for another church… Church officials say their responsibility is clear. As Watermark's senior pastor, the Rev. Todd Wagner, told his congregation last month: "Sue me. Nail me to a tree. Tell me you hate me. Misrepresent my motives. We're going to love you anyway (Dallas Morning News)."

On the situation, one elder at Capitol Hill Baptist Church, said, "Praise God for the faithfulness of local pastors and congregations who attempt to obey the word of God for the glory of God in all things…It is important for church leaders to realize that the practice of church discipline is very misunderstood by many, and unknown to most people today. Before exercising discipline, except in the clearest and most egregious cases, care should be taken to (1) build a healthy culture of meaningful church membership where people are committed to and invest in each other’s lives, (2) teach the congregation that discipline is an act of love (1 Cor. 5:1-5), (3) recognize that the vast majority of discipline is formative, positive growth that occurs as the Word is preached and applied, and (4) make sure the leadership understands how to lovingly and wisely administer corrective discipline when needed." More on this article.


  • Great post Elijah!

    Jim Elliff spoke recently on the subject of Church Discipline at the 2006 Bunyan Conference. His talk is excellent and very personal - he speaks of the pain he went through when his Dad fell into deep unrepentant sin and the church failed to exercise discipline. Jim could see the strong bond his Father had with the church fellowship and the threat of discipline via breaking of fellowship would likely have motivated his Dad out of his sin years before he did actually repent. He and his family pleaded with the church leaders to act but his Dad was too prominant in their view to do anything without overly upsetting the fellowship. Very sad testimony. His ends his talk with a plea for the excercise of Biblical church discipline. His talk is available at
    Well worth listening to.

    By Blogger Shane Becker, At 11:13 pm  

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