26 May 2006

SoloChristo.com – Associate Editor's Journey

When once a Pentecostal fellow
I danced into teaching waters shallow
To embrace Dispensational Arminian error
I could not see the deeper marrow

But then to Calvinism I came
To see fuller glory in the Sovereign Name
And learn our Lord did all creation tame
That truth shone so brightly in my heart and brain

Into Presbyterian arms I fled
The Westminster Confession became my bread
Then to become a deacon I was asked
If the Confession reflected my head and heart

"Give me some time before I bind
My conscience to that Confession sublime"
So to the Word and to the web
I went to gain further clarity for my head

SoloChristo showed Dispensational and Covenant Theology
Are not the only ways to grasp redemptive history
Through that site I came to love dearly
What Tom and Fred* call New Covenant Theology

'Twas a sad and gloomy day
When SoloChristo went away
The world wide web was not the same
And I felt that it was such a shame

So in hot pursuit I went
To find Dale and the site content
I searched quite hard with real intent
But it seemed progress was just not meant

For a year not a word to me was said
I did not know if he were alive or dead
But then through his family I found
My mate Dale still safe on solid ground

"Brother, it is good to finally speak to you
Please tell me SoloChristo is not through"
It was clear to us the time was right
To restore the site with its gospel light

So through our Lord's kindness to me
SoloChristo is alive again you see!
And by His grace I pray it grows
As a channel for His glory to show

So in addition to New Covenant Theology
I've come to learn web methodology
So web editing is now my hobby
For attempting poetry is just folly!


Shane Becker.
*Tom Wells and Fred Zaspel wrote the book, "New Covenant Theology".


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