28 April 2006

Attending Church with Expectation

by David Cunningham, Pastor of Christ Community Church.
Dear friends,

It's been said that life is about relationships.  I tend to agree.  That would hold true for Christ Community as well.  We gather because we're in a relationship with God through Christ or we're seeking one.  This is primary.  It gives meaning to all we do. 

Why do we sing each Sunday?  We sing because we can't help but sing.  We've been transformed by grace.  We're not the way we once were and it's better!  Our words are expressions of thanks and praise to God for sending Jesus to be our mediator.  This is part of relating to God, to enjoying Him.

We also gather to hear from God.  He speaks to us through the Bible.  The Bible is food for our souls and we come to feast on it together.  What a privilege to gather around truth and respond to it.

We gather not only to relate to God but to one another.  God has saved us into a family.  We have privileges and responsibilities towards one another.  What a shame if we miss this!  How empty and dry our times would be if we just "show up" with no eagerness to serve and love one another, to pray for one another, inquire about life, and encourage grace in one another's lives . . . .

Let's arrive with great expectations this Sunday!  Let's arrive expecting to meet with God together.  Let's arrive to encourage, love, and serve.  I believe wonderful things will happen if we do.

Grace to you,

David Cunningham

Extract from the E-News of Christ Community Church:  http://www.christcommunity.org.au/index.asp


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